I look hungry. My name is Helen Hollyman and I’m a food writer and editor.

These days, I'm Editor-in-Chief of MUNCHIES, VICE'S food channel, but I've worn a couple of different aprons in the food game.

I've worked for Food & Wine Magazine, graced the counters and kitchen of Momofuku Milk Bar, written scripts for food television, tinkered in the test kitchens of Saveur Magazine and Food 52, burned myself on the line in a New Orleans kitchen, written for a variety of publications, and spent some time working for food wizards like Mark Bittman and Amanda Hesser. I'm also a former truffle dealer. The more I dirty these aprons, I'm constantly reminded of one thing: everybody eats.

Despite my physical downfalls (which include the likes of heartburn, lactose intolerance, and asthma brought on by zucchini, pumpkin, and the entire squash family), I keep it real to bring you good topics surrounding food and contemporary pop culture. Yes, this is just another blog, another opinion, but if nothing else, I hope that the food insight I have to offer will provide you with confidence the next time you order that sizzling plate of pork belly. When you do, James Brown will descend from the heavens dancing on a cloud to sing "Hot Pants" to you because you, my friend, well, you look hungry.


"Theme song to U Look Hungry" by Mr. Michael's Music Class


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